Friday, September 19, 2008

Ron Paul on the coming Economic Collapse

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 days ago on Monday 15th, September 2008, two financial companies on Wall Street went belly up. (Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch). The stock market lost millions in just one day and there was a huge drop in the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq.

Ron Paul knows what he is talking about. He has served 10 terms in Congress for the Texas. Its quite probable that his part of Texas was damaged in Hurricane Ike last week. He is also a Constitutionalist. This means that if it's not in the Constitution, then you cannot do it. It has to be covered by the Constitution to be legal.

And yes, you may have heard that he is an obstetrics doctor by trade, yes he is. BUT that has not prevented him from learning everything he can about the US monetary system. Ron Paul was talking about all this (how the economy needed to fixed immeidately or it would collapse) last year when he was running for president. Last year noone wanted to listen to him. Only now that the system is going crazy and on the verge of collapsing, do the media start asking him for more details about what it going to happen.

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