Friday, December 24, 2010

Real Airport Security

7 minutes
The difference between Useful dogs and Lying dogs

Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel attacks Aid ships and then lies about it

In the early hours of May 31st, 2010, IDF (Israeli defence forces) soldiers from Israel boarded 6 aid ships sailing to Gaza on a humanitarian mission.

3 minutes - RAW footage

12 minutes

Israel tells LIES

Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea

Defense Minister Ehud Barak blamed the Flotilla organizers for inciting the attack, while his deputy, Danny Alalon said they were connected to international terrorist organizations and were trying to smuggle in arms. Weapons were found on board, he claimed.

At a hastily called news conference, sparsely attended, he referred to "the armada of hate and violence in support of the Hamas terror organization," accusing peaceful activists of a "premeditated and outrageous provocation," saying "The organizers are well known for their ties with global Jihad, Al Qaeda and Hamas. (Their) intent was violent, their method was violent, and the results were unfortunately violent."

Shameless lies from a criminal caught red-handed, Haaretz's Gideon Levy saying:

"The Israeli propaganda machine has reached new highs (distributing) false information. It embarrassed itself by entering a futile public relations battle....There is nothing to explain, certainly not to a world that will never buy (its) web of explanations, lies and tactics."

Israeli forces planned and executed a premeditated attack against peaceful humanitarian activists, trying to deliver essential to life aid to Gazans under siege - to break Israel's attempt to suffocate and starve them.

It (Al Jazeera) also said Israeli radio confirmed at least 19 were killed and dozens injured, quoting IDF spokeswoman, Avital Leibovich, saying, "This happened in waters outside Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves," - the usual response from scoundrels caught red-handed.

Video footage on board the Turkish passenger ship Mavi Marmara showed Israeli commandos opened fire during the assault, activists saying it began immediately after storming on board.

Al Jazeera's Jamal Elshayyal, on the ship, said "a white surrender flag was raised (and) there was no live fire coming from the passengers."

Netanyahu's spokesman, Mark Regev, claimed "They initiated the violence," and the IDF insisted it responded when its forces "were attacked with knives, clubs, and even live fire." Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said soldiers were forced by violent acts to respond with live fire. They lied.

Viewing the video footage, (see above) Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin reported that:

"All the images being shown from the activists on board those ships show clearly that they were civilians and peaceful in nature, with medical (and other humanitarian) supplies on board."

IDF Troops who Murdered Innocent people are called "Brave Heroes"

In addition, a video released by Israeli authorities is circulating on You Tube entitled, Demonstrators Use Violence Against Israeli Navy Soldiers Attempting to Board Ship, which ludicrously claims to show activists attacking troops unprovoked, without mentioning the fact that troops aggressively boarded the vessel outside of Israeli territory with the aid of army helicopters and heavily armed IDF soldiers before the activists did anything. In reality, the video shows very little because it is shot from a perspective where the people on board look like ants and almost nothing can be deciphered from this. Comments were disabled on the video to prevent people from making this criticism.

The video “helpfully explain[s] what you’re supposed to see,” writes one Israeli journalist.

“And, of course, the clip only contains the footage the IDF wanted to release; we don’t know what happened before or after this 60 seconds of video,” reports Al Jazeera.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yes I am a Global Warming Denier

With all the lies and wars that Obama is starting, is it any wonder that we thinking humans feel as though we are helpless and cannot do anything? The sheeple (those people who just follow blindly) follow the leaders and try to defend him no matter what he says or does.

If we say the wars are based on OIL and not on terrorism - we are told we are criminals and unpatriotic.
If we say that global warming is NOT caused by humans - we are told that we are criminals and unpatriotic!!

Whatever happened to Free Speech?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family of Secrets - Inside the Bush family

11 minutes - Part 1

11 minutes - Part 2

11 minutes - Part 3

6 Minutes - Part 4

Russ Baker, the award-winning journalist and author of Family of Secrets talks about his book regarding the Bush family in studio with Alex Jones. (May 25, 2009)
He touches topics such as Bush Sr.'s CIA years, JFK connections, Nixon connections and much more

This book exposes the following secrets.

>Why George H.W. Bush can’t remember where he was on November 22, 1963
(there is a photo of GHWB in Dallas outside the School Book depository).
>Why oilman George H.W. Bush shows up in early CIA documents
>The real story behind George W. Bush’s missing military service
>The inside scoop on the Bushes and Saudi influence in America
>The strange saga of Harvard University and its endowment
>The untold real story behind George W. Bush’s religious awakening
>Never before told anecdotes from George W. Bush’s wild past
>How the CIA monitors the White House and its occupants
>Why Barack Obama and his supporters should read this book

Family of Secrets Book
Russ Baker - Author of Family of Secrets
Investigative Journalism - Who What When Where & Why

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grandma Raided Because She Paid Off Her Mortgage in Full

10 minutes
This is an audio recording of a house invasion on Missouri yesterday - May 13th,2009.

Dawn Welsh a 54 year grandmother is raided in her own home, for what...for owning her own home. If this sounds like something straight out of the Twilight Zone, well welcome to America in 2009. Listen as the fascist U.S. government steals an American grandmother's home and terrorizes her!!!!!

Dawn Welsh of Hillsboro, MO Arrested for Trespassing in Her Own Home After Supposed Mortgage Scam. Dawn Welsh knows her house was paid off. She received paperwork from the original mortgage company showing it was paid off. However through a fraudulent conversion of the mortgage, Wachovia Bank claimed authority of the mortgage and then claimed Welsh still owed on her home despite her having proof from the original bank that the note was paid in full.

Today, (May 13th) Hillsboro, Missouri police came onto her property and broke her door down to remove her from her property.

They used a battering ram to enter her home, despite her showing evidence that she owned the property. She had gone to court previously and showed a judge the mortgage was paid in full, and it is a record of the court.

However, these are desperate times for the fraudulent vampirian banksters and they will go after anyone they want, threatening innocent hard-working Americans at every turn. And to top it off the Hillsboro sheriff was an accomplice to this crime, executing the fraudulent crime and rubbing it in further by seizing all of the 54-year-old woman's possessions.

When these mortgages are sold from the original mortgagee to another bank, an illegal conversion takes place. No valid contract is ever initiated between the mortgage holder and this new entity. In fact many people wind up in court after they are told they owe more money on their homes after a series of mortgages being pushed back and forth through the mortgage process.

Wachovia Mortgage took over the mortgage and said they weren't going to honor the paperwork from the previous mortgagee and continued to harass this woman. So we have a woman with the proper papers showing her house is paid off with the police and the courts ignoring the paperwork

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Steven was tasered for no reason at all.

9 minutes

Steven Anderson tells the story of his tasering on the night of 14 April 2009

4 minutes

The first half of this video shows what happened before Steven got tasered INSIDE his own car. The second half of this video shows what happened afterwards. Please note that this was a border patrol but they were NOT at a border crossing. This took place 50 miles inside the USA.

The district public safety office have been asked for a comment and they have refused, pending an "internal investigation.


I posted sometime ago about the NEW border being moved to 50 miles inside the old border.

Steven has put up a number of videos about his tasering.
This video shows taser wires he found in his car.
And on the information side Steven has posted this -

Baptist pastor was tazed repeatedly, his head shoved in broken glass and stamped on by the boot of law enforcement - all while he was begging for mercy. He had his hands covering his eyes after being told "cover your eyes" by border patrol agents - that's when the attack began as he DIDN'T EVEN LIFT A FINGER TO FIGHT BACK OR RESIST.

Can you think of any reason to justify a defenseless man covering his face being beaten and tazed repeatedly by those who are sworn to protect us?