Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain Attempts To Win Backing Of Ron Paul

4 minutes


It looks like McCain MAY have been trying to woo Dr Ron Paul as a possible VP if Sarah Palin becomes too unfeasible for the party. McCain asked Ron Paul to say a few nice things about him and his campaign. In return Paul asked for some time on the floor. McCain's staff agreed that Ron Paul was allowed on the floor, but only under a lot of restrictions.

Dr Ron Paul is a long standing member of the Republican party. He has been in the congress for around 30 years. He certainly has more experience than both McCain and Sarah Palin. The ONLY reason he is being blocked by the republican party is becaue he strongly oppsoses the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war and the future Iran war. He strongly opposes all of the current Administration's foreign and monetary policy.

This video is a short interview done on CNN this morning at Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Sept 2nd)

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