Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCains' position on Veteran issues


8 minutes

2 minutes

1992 Senate Select Committe on the Vietnam POWs and MIAs. The first clip is the longer version and starts back a few minutes earlier than the second clip. The second video is a small clip showing where McCain swears and walks out in a tantrum. Note McCain saying that he would ask that the lady NOT interruppt him, but then he interrupts her all the time. The short clip indicates when McCain was swearing.

More info about cCain and veterans issues.

Vietnam Veterans against John McCain

This clip shows how McCain dances around a legitimate question - in fact he doesnt give any answer at all.

6 minutes

As for the librarian lady who was escorted off the premises because she had a sign that said McCain=Bush - you can see that video here.

And then there is the proof that John McCain does tell LIES!!

7 minutes July 11, 2008

In this interview a pandering McCain claimed he gave the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense while being tortured in Viet Nam. This directly contradicts his book (Faith Of Our Fathers), and the made for TV movie by the same name, where he claims to have confessed to his captors the names of the offensive line of the Green Bay Packers. There is no way McCain can win in Wisconsin, but in Pennsylvania he can use a few points in a close race. If he falls to far behind in the polls in Pennsylvania, McCain's story is likely to change to the Miami Dolphins or the Denver Broncos, or where ever he needs a boost in the polls.

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