Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ron Paul asks Bernanke some tough questions

7 minutes

This is a brief clip from the Economic Committee meeting this week, where Ron Paul is asking the following questions.
Why congress feels that it should do this $700 bail out plan?
Where does Congress get its authority to do this?
Why are they price fixing?
Does Congress really want to create another depression?

There is a $700 bailout plane to bail out the banks. Where the government buys up old debts so that the banks and the financial institutions do not take a loss.

BUT where does the money come from to buy all these old debts?
And what happens to all the old debts? Who pays these debts off?

The answer please.....

You will pay for these debts by paying higher taxes to your government

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Will said...

Unfortunately the "great depression" was actually better than the "long Depression(1873-1896") It began with Viennas Stock Exchange collapsing(reason?), the Franco Prussian but France in a debt to Germany.

1873 was a terrible year and was called the Great Panic for America, which was facilitated by overbuilding by the Rail Road industry. The UK suffered similar collapse (gullible Britain eh?), Look up Crédit Mobilier of America scandal, the railroad companies and construction, $72 million dollars were lost (perhaps 53 were used). Henry Wilson and James Garfield were give stocks, they became president, and Not a single person went to jail.

The Fisk-Gould scandal eerily sets the stage for The Federal Reserve Act. Things are happening in our government and no one is going to jail. In fact its almost better that we give the government full control of our lives so at least it will be a gentler fall to complete domination of our benefactors.

Something is rotten in Denmark, the corruption is found, but not undone. It's almost as if the lives of the American Citizen are a joke to it's leaders. Honestly it feels like the top ten percent of our country is laughing behind our backs. They use our own courts against us then spit in our face as we are handed the bill. As the strong arm of America become blind to its wickedness? Or does it sharpen its teeth for an endless blood lust?

The only thing being fixed is the only thing doing the most damage. I'm still waiting for the verdict as to if my benefactors are foolish, or are they cannibals.

There's only one way out, and some will use it to hold on to pride. The Federal Reserve and all those who made the market this way must be held accountable. They are the true war criminals. The worlds military industrial complex is being given fellatio by this currency based market system. Quickly arrest them then we can truly get some work done. The only thing a quick fix can accomplish is rebellious violence thought I am investing spiritually in Christ's interference. Every way you look at it, America and the world will have to grow up and venture forth into space, apologize to yourselves and let's go. We can create massive super colliders and really cool weapons of death/control, and insane schemes to corner markets and engineer the youth to turn into super soldiers and super slaves, but we cant agree on the issue that one country cannot possibly control a whole planet. The earth cannot sustain a worldwide home based military and it will exhaust itself, even with the advent of slaves. The world would rather accept slavery than discomfort. The citizens have forgotten their humanity and now refuse to get it back.

That refusal still brings up the question at whatever group of enlightened men run the world (banking industry) do they want to save humanity, or do they want to dominate every aspect of it? Can you help me answer that?