Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike news blackout on dead bodies

10 minutes

Hurricane Ike hit Texas last week. There are still no details on how many fatalities they were. This video is trying to find out the truth of what really happened.

There are also stories of FEMA refusing to supply ice to those communities with no electricity and no water. They need ice to keep food and medicine cool. And where there IS no water, the ice is needed to make water.

This is shaping up to be as bad, if not worse than Hurricane Katrina three years ago. The day after Katrina swept through New Orleans, the media were there and showing the world the devastation, the dead bodies in the streets and the flooding and destruction and the LACK of FEMA action.

Looks like the federal government (and FEMA) is actively censoring the news and stopping the free movement of the media this time around.

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