Saturday, May 31, 2008

Young Hillary Clinton

(3 minutes)

Is this the first time Hillary Clinton has refused to drop out of a race? Never before seen footage of a Young Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Created by and starring Jerry O'Connell and Brandon Johnson. Also starring Laci Kay as Young Hillary Clinton.

This is supposed to be humour, but it looks a lot more like the truth.

Friday, May 23, 2008

America Sucks ; Culture Of War

Up until now, I have kept this blog only to try show the US exactly why they are having so many domestic problems. But I keep getting anonymous comments by people claiming that I hate Americans, and that USA is the good guy.

The USA is NOT the Good Guy. It has not been the good guy since 1945. Here is the reason why I and billions of other people around the world HATE the American government (and by extension the American people).

(3 minutes)

Hillary desperate to be VP

CNN Clinton DESPERATE to get the VP spot.
(3 minutes) scroll down to the end of the article. (not embedded)

Hillary wants an offer from Obama to be VP which she says she will refuse, in order to be allowed to exit gracefully. Obama does NOT want to extend any offer to her in case she accepts. He does NOT want Hillary as his VP.

There is also talk that Hillary will create a huge problem within the democratic party if she is not chosen as VP. That sounds very much like a little girl about to have a tantrum because she is not getting her own way.

Monday, May 12, 2008

FEMA says the Founding Fathers were TERRORISTS

Alex Jones' 2001 documentary film 9/11: The Road to Tyranny featured footage from a FEMA symposium given to firefighters and other emergency personnel in Kansas City in which it was stated that the founding fathers, Christians and homeschoolers were terrorists and should be treated with the utmost suspicion and brutality in times of national emergency.

The lecturer identifies George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers as "terrorists".

(4 minutes)

A student of a large bible college in east Texas was accused by federal agents of committing an "act of terror and espionage" after he gave a talk to a group of Boy Scouts in which he encouraged them to educate themselves about the U.S. constitution.

"I said they're stripping us of what we know to be America, what you need to do is re-orient yourself to the constitution because that is the very founding basis of our government and it is the supreme law of the land," he added.

To have secret police threatening bible college students for talking about the constitution is the most disturbing and un-American scenario one can possibly imagine, but it's not a new phenomenon.

This is just the latest shocking example of how federal agents and authorities across America are targeting people who discuss the U.S. constitution and the bill of rights and accusing them of engaging in political terrorism.

Alex Jones - Source

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who is Fox News subliminally telling you to vote for?

(2 minutes)

It's undetectable at normal speed, but he was editing this footage in Final Cut Pro and going through it frame-by-frame when he saw this.

Which means FOX news is NOT neutral.

They are BLATANTLY telling their viewers who to vote for.


In fact do as I do and STOP watching TV altogether.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

McCain's "Spiritual Guide" Wants America to Destroy Islam

(2 minutes)

You may have heard of Rev. John Hagee, the McCain supporter who said God created Hurricane Katrina to punish New Orleans for its homosexual "sins." Well now meet Rev. Rod Parsley, the televangelist megachurch pastor from Ohio who hates Islam. According to David Corn of Mother Jones, Parsley has called on Christians to wage war against Islam, which he considers to be a "false religion." In the past, Parsley has also railed against the separation of church and state, homosexuals, and abortion rights, comparing Planned Parenthood to Nazis.

John McCain actively sought and received Parsley's endorsement in the presidential race. McCain has called Parsley "a spiritual guide," and he hasn't said whether he shares Parsley's vicious anti-Islam views. That's because the mainstream media refuses to ask. And so, we've taken matters into our own hands, joining Mother Jones to present the truth about McCain's pastor.

Since the media won't question McCain about his deeply bigoted pastor, it's up to you to call attention to this issue. Make McCain's pastor problem a major story by forwarding this video to your family, friends, and colleagues.

We can't let McCain get away with aligning himself with a religious leader who's called for an all-out war on Islam, someone who draws no distinctions between Muslims and violent Islamic extremists. Now is the crucial time to act.