Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama and McCain are exactly the SAME

6 minutes
Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson explains exactly WHY Obama will not make any difference to the USA.
Ryan also explains exactly WHAT the Americns MUST do to restore the USA to some degree of sanity.
Ryan wrote a book called Welcome to the USSA
Ryan does not mince words. He calls it exactly how he sees it.
Ryan is an American living in Japan so he can see it all clearly.
Anyone living outside the USA can see things clearly.
But most of those who live in USA, choose to not listen to things that Ryan Dawson, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense (before his site was hacked and shut down) and Michael Rivero are saying. And ALL OF them are Americans who have opened their eyes, they have seen the truth and they do not have any blinders on.
The majority of Americans have blinders on and refuse to accept the truth. The USA is now a fascist state, a police state. (Dawson) (Jones) (Jones) (Rivero)

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