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Last nights debate - Sept 26th, 2008

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So McCain (7.50) - WHEN are you going to hold GEORGE BUSH accountable for SCREWING up the WORLD.

So Jim (9.10) - you were determined to get them to talk to each other. Well you FAILED. Coz MCCAIN refused to EVEN LOOK at Obama for the entire debate.
You say that when you are president you will work to control the spending. But you do not say HOW you will control the spending.

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NcCain (050)- So you think that American is still the greatest producer? Producer of what exactly?
All the manufacturing jobs have gone to China.
All the call centre jobs have gone to India.
All the cars are now being made in Japan instead of Detroit
A large number of manufacturing businesses have moved to Mexico.
all that is left in the USA are Service jobs and Wall Steet.
You must have missed the news - Wall street is going down right now.

No John, (1.25) the first thing you have to do is to BRING the manufacturing jobs BACK to the American people.

McCain (2.35) You're going to veto every single spending bill that crosses your desk. You sound just like George Bush. He vetos bills he doesnt like as well.

(2.55) website of citizens against government waste.

Obama (3.25) stop saying McCain is right. I realise that you are doing this to show what he actually missed out. (this shows McCains slanted views) But saying McCain is right, really does not help you.

McCain (6.00) - Cut spending, lower taxes. so exactly how much tax will the taxpeyers be forced to pay, to REPAY this ludicrous $700 billion bailout that YOU are pushing for.

Obama (7.10)...a continuation of the last eight years and we cant afford another four.

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McCain (2.10) well how about a spending freeze on everything except defence, veteran affairs and entitlements.
McCain (3.20) we also have to have off shore drilling.
(I wonder if THIS is why McCain picked Sarah Palin. Because she is the governor of ALASKA and they need to open new drilling areas in Alaska?? Makes sense to me)
McCain (3.30) The fact is we can create 700,000 new jobs by building, constructing 45 new nuclear power plants by the year 2030.

Um - remember what happeend at the last nuclear power station you built? It was called 3 mile island, it was in Pennsylvania and it had a melt down in 1979.
McCain (3.55) Nuclear power also affects climate. An issue I have been involved in for many many years.

(6.00) Obama is steady on health care. McCain prefers to pay for veterans and defence. So far NOONE has mentioned ISRAEL. McCain did mention that he opposed federal control of health care. He says the decison about health should be made by the family and the doctor, NOT by the federal government.

Well in Canada, families and doctors DO make the health decisons, and NO the federal government says NOT a single word. In Canada health care is run by the provincial (state) governments, NOT the federal goverment.

One member of my family had MAJOR surgery last year. We made the decision along with the doctor on how to proceed and set the date just 3 weeks ahead. At no time did the provincial government say that this surgery was expensive (yes it was) and unnecessary because the patient was not showing any symptoms (true she was not showing any major symptoms at that time, but they were already starting to show.) The other reason she got the surgery fast was because there was already a family history of this same medical problem. The other family member died of this problem.

McCain (7.46) Did he say HORSE SHIT??
McCain (8.15) And I'm happy to say I have a partner who is a good maverick along with me now.

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