Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain on Letterman admits he screwed up

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In late September, McCain bailed out on the Letterman show.
This week McCain finally kept the appointment with Letterman.
At least McCain admits he screwed up.
And he is STILL interrupting!! McCain is a HYPOCRITE.
It really BUGS me just how rude McCain is!!!!!
Do you Americans really want such a RUDE President??
Really? You do? Good luck with that then.

McCain wants to make an issue out of Obama associating with Bill Ayers.
Letterman reminds McCain of McCain's association with Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy. Good one Dave.
Voter fraud does not become voter fraud until those fake names on the rolls actually show up to vote!!!!!

Below is Keith Olbermann's view of what happened on Letterman. If you remember he was the person called on to replace McCain when he bailed out and went to Los Angeles instead. It is also interesting to note that McCain never once apologises. Yes he accepts responsibility, but is not sorry about his behaviour.

5 minutes

And here is a comment from Rob Kall about McCain's appearance on the Late Night Show.

John McCain is a gambler. So he took a gamble and went on the David Letterman show last night. It should be the final straw that pulls the support out from under him.

The gamble was a huge failure-- a massive error in judgment. It is clear that McCain failed to assess he depth or risk of the gamble-- just how much he could be hurt, how bad he would look in so many ways.

McCain responding to Letterman
Watching McCain sit under Letterman's masterful manipulations, it was uncomfortable. He was, as the huffingtonpost described, grovelling, totally out of control, weak, helpless, foolish and in the hands and total control of Letterman, like a snivelling little child caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

Letterman was brilliant, doing the job that far too many "news" anchors have failed to do, asking tough questions.

McCain was like a helpless puppy, overwhelmed and adrift at sea, unable to get a grip on the conversation. The thought of him facing a leader of another nation, or of a cabinet of grownups with serious responsibiities-- seemed very remote. Perhaps it makes his faith in Sarah Palin somewhat believable. He was so out of his depth, dealing with a smart talk-show host, that perhaps he really does see Palin as competent to do the job of president, based on his own woefully inadequate abilities.

Observing McCain, helpless, dominated by Letterman, helps one to understand how he allowed his campaign to be taken over by Rovian operatives so the McCain persona which so many Americans had grown to love and appreciate, was obliterated and replaced by a waffling, erratic, meanspirited political hack. The reason is simple. McCain is not strong enough to stand up to a strong person. His pathetic act on the Letterman show should be obvious to any voter who has ever had an open mind. McCain demonstrated once and for all that even Sarah Palin is more presidential than he is.

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