Friday, October 31, 2008

McKenzie -11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping AR15

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McKenzie -11yo Girl Sets New Record for Field Stripping An AR15 Machine Gun

This is a comment sent to WRH after the writer saw this video.

1) If this was a video of an 11 year old from ANY OTHER country knowing how to do this so well practiced, there would be cries of child soldiers being trained to fight against Americans, child abuses as clearly they are militarizing her, etc. But in america, its just almost natural looking that a girl would so CASUALLY demonstrate her knowledge of MILITARY equipment! Like it's normal for children to have access to military equipment. Reminds me of the children bomb signers in Israel.

2) I'd love to ask her exactly what age she plans to be when she makes her first HUMAN kill, or has she already done so. After all, one can't say she learned her gun enthusiasm through hunting. This is an assault rifle. Used for hunting is absurd unless you americans have some SERIOUSLY pissed off animals! If it's just target practice for fun, I ask her again what she's practicing to shoot with her military gun.

3) While I see your points for having everyone access to a weapon for self defense (police after all are useless for protection), I see the sheer obsession with guns, and you americans have to ask yourself, If you need access to a military assault rifle for defense, you are living in one screwed up country! If you just THINK you do, then you are paranoid to the extreme. All other reasons for the gun are to attack, which is psychotic. So which it is gun nuts, are you paranoid, psychotic, or just have no faith in your own fellow Americans? Really now, a simpler weapon would be enough.

4) Seems the problems in your culture are always solved through violence and guns, even on a local neighbourhood level. You encourage everyone to be armed and to just start shooting whenever required. Diplomacy, peaceful solutions, they are always secondary first reaction is to reach for the gun. Your culture jokes about it (the redneck on the porch with the shotgun), the troopers and border agents always hand on the gun even in a traffic stop, always insisting that everyone needs the right to bear arms, etc. So WHY is it so shocking when you see your countries leaders starting wars indiscriminately with shoot first politics, and WHY is it so shocking when you see school shootings, and WHY is it so shocking when other countries are trying to get nuclear arms (big guns on an international scale) when your own culture can't shut up about how important it is??? Don't you see how silly you look?

Just a few rants that passed through my mind when I saw the cheery smiling future mercenary.

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