Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Palin interview number 2 with Katie Couric

Interview Number 2

This is another CBS interview of Governor Palin by Katie Couric done yesterday Sept 30. I beleive. Sorry, its not embedded.

The Vice President debate is on tomorow night.

This time Palin waffles on about issues such as Abortion, Homosexuality, Evolution, What media she reads, energy.

She was also dragging her 14 year old daughter Willow along as well. Shouldn't Willow be in school? The good thing is that I had read a rumour that Willow was pregnant. Well, she doesn't look preggers.

I did find one small clip from this interview.

4 minutes

Katie Couric spent two days traveling on the campaign trail with Governor Sarah Palin on Sunday, September 28 and Monday, September 29, conducting an exclusive interview that was broadcast on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric beginning Monday the 29th (Part 1). Coverage continued on Tuesday, September 30th (Part 2) on the Early Show. The interview took place just days before the Vice Presidential debate between Palin and Senator Joe Biden in St. Louis on Thursday, October 2.

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