Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin showed NO class during the VP debate

2 minutes


This is how robotic and inhumane she really is.

> Last night, when Joe Biden was having his emotional moment in answering a question from Gwen Ifill about managing their families in difficult situations, talking about how he had to raise a family after his first wife died in that tragic car accident, Palin didn't even bother to acknowledge that tender moment. Instead, she went on and spewed another senseless, anti-poignant talking point of aspersion.

> But her response - well, her response was to not even acknowledge that this very authentic, very real man - a candidate with no veneer - had suffered through this and that it still hurt. No, "I'm so sorry for your loss" or any compassion of any kind. Rather, she talked about how she and McCain were mavericks.

It was so blatant and stupid. And I wouldn't have blamed Joe Biden if he had walked across the stage and slapped her. And she surely deserved it.

More importantly, it was at that moment - the very moment when it was time to be a "compassionate conservative," she acted just like the valley girl teenager she speaks like. And it is that immature stupidity is how she lost the debate.

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