Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin - Road to Victory - Erie PA

5 minutes

4 minutes

Gov Sarah Palin - Erie PA - Oct 30, 2008.
Notice the audience behind her.
All Caucasian. No African Americans. No Asians.
Notice how close the camera is.
I wonder how many EMPTY seats there were.
I wonder how SMALL the venue was?

(edited to add)
Now I know I said I dont post comments from anyone called Anonymous, but I posted the below two comments because they describe the venue, the crowd and the numbers at this rally. At least 8000 people of all ethnicities and ages were present and there were no empty seats. This anonymous person was giving useful information - for which I say thank you and Happy Halloween.

So that I am not seen as biased...
Lets just add that Obama regularly has over 100,000 people coming to his rallies.
8000 versus 100,000
I'll leave it you to decide who is the better candidate.


Anonymous said...

There were about 6,000 people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Tickets were gone within hours of becoming available. 6,000 people is a great turn out for a city the size of Erie. There were no empty seats, there was barely standing room.

Anonymous said...

I was at that rally and according to the numbers there were more than 8000 people at the bay front convention center(were the rally was held). The building was packed with only a short notice of her arrival.