Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update to Officer Rivieri

Apparently the boys were in the wrong as Skateboarding is not permitted in the Inner Harbor. But still, Offier Rivieri really had no right to speak in the harsh tone that he did, to these teenagers.

So what if they were calling him a dude? Its just teen-speak. He should have just ignored the language, and simply told the boys that Skateboarding was forbidden in the Inner Harbour. Not once did he say that during the three and a half minutes of this video.

Officer Rivieri needs to develop a thicker skin, take things a LOT less personally, and learn to pick his battles.

Here's the original Newspaper article in the Baltimore Sun, printed yesterday. February 12th.

The video was posted yesterday on this blog under Officer Riviere in Baltimore.

UPDATE (Feb 14, 2008)

This video is now ALL over the Internet - Google Officer Rivieri - and it's only been 3 days since it was posted. The comments are coming in thick and fast. Some people think the kid was being rude. Yes Eric was being cheeky, but not rude. But as soon as Officer Rivieri put young Eric into a headlock - thats where the situation changed, and it became police brutality.

Rivieri has been suspended WITH pay. You know what that means?
Rivieri's suspension entails a transfer to administrative duties with pay. He's now confined to a desk.

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