Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bush and Cheney admit that USA DOES torture

Cheney says Damn right I back Bush's use of waterboarding

I have not yet found an embedded version, so you will need to link to the page to watch the video.

Raw Story USA admits to torture (3.5 minutes)

Michael Rivero Comment (WRH)

OK, it's out in the open: we torture. The US has just joined the despicable ranks of such "human rights' espousing states" as Egypt, Syria, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia.

So Vice President, let's take this all the way to its logical conclusion. The executive branch of the government should now, immediately, withdraw from any human rights treaty we have ever signed. Just get them out of the way, pronto, so the entire world can know just where we stand.

And by the way; by doing this, it means that any military of any country on the planet absolutely doesn't have to play by any humanitarian rules of engagement if they capture any of our military.

They now have an absolutely free pass to torture any captured member of our armed forces, because you have stated, very clearly, that this country tortures, and you endorse that.

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