Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do not shop at Best Buy

(2 minutes)

The woman who was tasered had received a phone call on her cell phone and had left the checkout desk in a hurry leaving her credit card behind. When she came back into the store to pick up her credit card, the shop assumed she had stolen it and while she was trying to explain that it was her credit card, they kept hassling her.

I have heard so many stories of Best Buy being liars, being bullies, and not standing by their warrenties and product returns. So for them to act in this manner is par for the course. What I also dont like is the cop at the end who says that PEOPLE MUST have RESPECT for the law. The law at Best Buy was ONLY a security guard. What was the security guard doing with a taser? The law MUST ALSO have respect for the people. The law continues to make assumptions and jump to conclusions - something they do far too often. Therefore is it any wonder that the people have lost all respect for the law?

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