Friday, February 15, 2008

WTC and 9/11 Coincidences

9-11 Coincidences

(Part One - One minute)
In the 100 plus years of steel framed buildings, only 3 have ever collapsed due to fire. All 3 were leased by the same man. All 3 fell in exactly the same way and all on the same day. Just a coincidence? Yeah Right.

(Part Two - 1.5 minutes) In the 100 plus years of steel framed buildings, only 3 have ever collapsed due to fire. All 3 buildings collapsed at freefall speed. Just a coincidence? Yeah Right.

(Part Three - 2.5 minutes)

(Part Four - 1 minute) The Pentagon.

(Part Five - 6 minutes) PNAC

(Part 6 - 10 minutes) NORAD and the Military Drills that took place on 9-11. On the morning of September 11 2001, the US Defence Agencies had been running pre-planned simulations of terrorist attacks involving crashing planes into the WTC and Pentagon. The Bush administration described the event as "a bizarre coincidence". The matter was not mentioned by the media. True to form for false-flag terror attacks, it seems that these Military Drills were used as cover for the attack.

(Part Seven - 9 minutes) Larry Silverstein & WTC building 7.
Silverstein Properties made billions from the insurance policies he set up on the WTC complex just a few weeks before 9/11. He specifically took out insurance policies to cover terrorist attacks, then a few weeks later 9/11 happened. What are the odds on that?

(Part Eight - 9 minutes) Update - Removed from You Tube by You Tube.

(Part Nine - 9 minutes) The WTC Towers.
The WTC buildings had a powerdown the weekend prior to 9-11. For an entire weekend there was NO security, no telephones, no videos and many strange men walking around laying cables. They said they were upgrading the internet cables. And after that weekend, the bomb-sniffing dogs were removed from the Towers. What would they have discovered if they had stayed? What really happened on the 34th floor? An empty floor used for construction. Larry Silverstein took possession of the WTC just 6 weeks before 9-11.

(Part 10 - 10 minutes) The 9-11 Commission. The Bush government has done everything in its power to prevent a full investigation into 9-11.

(Part 11 - 10 minutes) Who benefited from 9-11.

(Part 11 Update - 3 minutes) Pulled from You Tube by You Tube

(Part 12 - 10 minutes) Barrie Zwicker - What George Bush says he saw on 9-11.

(Part 13 - 10 minutes) Alex Jones - The Bush Laden Connection.

(Part 14 - 10 minutes) The Bush Laden Connection Continued

(Part 15 - 8 minutes) Barrie Zwicker - Osama bin Laden.

(Part 16 - 10 minutes) The 19 Hijackers.
We've been told again and again that 19 Islamic hijackers took over the 4 aircraft used on 9/11. But the passenger manifests from the airlines didn't contain any Arabic passenger names. Not to worry. The FBI corrected this little problem. The FBI's passenger manifests conveniently have about a half dozen more people on each plane than the airline's manifests. But then, there is another little problem with the FBI's version of the story. Amazingly, within a couple of days, the FBI knew who all the hijackers were. Names, pictures, everything we needed to know about them. Some of them were names of people known to be still living in Arab countries or known to have already been dead before 9/11. Just how did the FBI figure out who these alleged hijackers were so quickly when the physical evidence (their bodies) was well shredded and buried in mountains of rubble? Were there really any hijackers at all? Was there some other means to accomplish the control of those ill-fated flights? Is the whole story of the hijackers a concerted media spin effort to conceal the real people, and their goals, behind the terror of 9/11?

Part 17 - 10 minutes. James Bond - (M) When the stocks hit bottom on 9-12, somebody made a fortune.

(Part 18 - 10 minutes) Something Wasn't Right That Day. Bombs in the building.

Part 19 - 11 minutes. False Flags. 9-11 has been planned since Kennedy. The US government originally wanted to attack Cuba.

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