Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One World Government - WE MUST STOP IT

(10 minutes)

Part of the Zeitgeist movie - How we are slowly being moved towards a one world government becase THEY are manipulating the events.

I for one do NOT want Canada and USA and Mexico to become a North American Union.

If you want to be chipped, then stay quiet. If you do not want to be controlled by the one world government - then NOW is the time to SPEAK out.

The Superhighway from Mexico through Middle USA to Canada is ALREADY happening.

Just recently, a new joint military event was announced. Canada and U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies. I do not like the idea of a foreign military being able to enter Canada when ever they feel like it.

Also NAFTA - where borders are free to workers to anyone from these 3 countries. Jobs are available to anyone from the 3 countries. Corporate Head offices are leaving Canada, and moving to USA and Mexico where labour is cheapest.

Passports being required to be BIOMETRIC (which basically means chipped - RFID chips) which means that you are being tracked and identified no matter where you go. This is the early version of being chipped. Eventually people themselves will be chipped.

The Dangers of the North American Union.

(28 minutes)

NAU/SPP is the scheme being implemented by the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico to merge the three nations into one European-style Socialist entity, with no borders, an "Amero" replacing the dollar and peso, and 'harmonizing' all laws to the most Socialist possible level. Following the EU plan, a 'North American Parliament' and constitution would render subordinate all national constitutions, laws and rights.

YOUR rights and freedom are endangered under this scheme, and whether you are Canadian, American or Mexican, we urge you to preserve your independence by insisting this scheme be abandoned now.

Canada opposes the North American Union

(28 minutes)

Connie Fogal, the Leader of the Canadian Action Party explains the threats to Canadian sovereignty, culture, and economic future by the North American Union (NAU), also known as the Security and Prosperity Partnership or 'Deep Integration'. This interview was conducted in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; in August, 2007; during the SPP summit with Presidents Bush and Calderon (Mexico) and Prime Minister Harper (Canada) in Montebello, Quebec. http://www.canadianactionparty.ca

The Conservative Caucus

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