Saturday, January 19, 2008

Speeding Ticket Taser

Massey was told twice to turn around and put his hands behind his back. He refused and started walking to his car. He was told twice to turn around but he continued to his car. That is resisting within the meaning of the law.

"I tasered him because he did not follow my instructions."

Resisting an officer is defined: "In criminal law, the offence of obstructing, opposing, and endeavoring to prevent (with or without force)a peace officer in the execution of a writ or in the lawful discharge of his duty while making an arrest or otherwise enforcing the peace."

What if Massey was partially deaf? He was walking towards his car, away from the police officer. So he therefore cannot lip-read because he cant see the officers mouth. Naturally he would not hear the officer telling him to stop and turn around.

If that was me, and I am partially deaf, I would not always hear anyone behind me telling me to turn around. So if I was tasered, and killed (because I also have a bad heart), supposedly for resisting, I would have been killed because the officer was culturally insensitive, and too impatient to ask questions.

"You tasered him because you did not stop to think that he might have been deaf or otherwise unable to hear or comprehend you."

Ok so Massey was not deaf, and he was not killed, but here is more information.
Massey was simply asking what speed he had been clocked at by the police. And at the end of the video, apparently the police says to his partner that he (Massey) "wanted to be in charge" (because he was asking for details and proof of speeding as was his right). The police no longer like citizens asking for proof. The police are now in charge - which means that America is now a POLICE STATE.

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