Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is what a Police State looks like

Below is a link to a video of police coverage of the protests riots in Portland Oregon on August 22, 2002, where peaceful protesters were hit with batons, pepper sprayed, handcuffed and hauled away to jail. Children were also pepper sprayed. The video is the police force's own video coverage of what happened.

(Part 1 is 7.5 minutes)

Part 2 is 7.5 minutes

The narration explains why the police videotape crowds at protests, and shows proof that noone threw a bottle or bomb, despite the media repeating a number of times that that is what happened. The police chose to start attacking, when the crowd would not disperse. The people were exercising their rights to protest under the American Constitution. Apparently the Constitution is not longer followed in the USA anymore.

That makes sense, because George Bush was heard to scream Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, It's just a goddamned piece of paper .

Dear Mr President, About that Goddamned Piece of Paper

The worse thing is that this protest riot happened in 2002. And things are still the same, if not worse, today - over 5 years later. It's going to get a whole lot worse real soon. Count on it. "Be as wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."

This is a comment from the Truth News forum which shows the same video.

The only “hope” I remotely have for America, or human civilization in its entirety, may be realized once peak oil is here and gone. Too much of this fascist system depends upon oil, and the hurt will be on once it is gone. The giant corporations and conglomerates with factories abroad will no longer be able to transport their materials, thereby draining them of money and voiding their threat. Much of the equipment at hospital facilities, construction sites, and production lines will be obsolete due to their dependency on oil for the plastic pieces, thereby forcing all to begin considering other ways to sustain life. I have no doubt that another Black Friday is on its way, and one far more permanent and devastating than the past result of the 1930s.

Upon this economic turn, I plan to be armed with the knowledge for my own personal survival. Permaculture, basic survival skills and self defense are only the very tip of the knowledge that I believe I will need. If I hope to lend a hand in the creation of a new way of life for human kind as well, then the amount of knowledge needed will increase ten fold.

I suppose what I’m trying to preach (because that’s what we all seem to be doing), is LEARN all that you can. Protests won’t save us now. Guns won’t save us now. Police video tape mixed with anti-fascist propaganda won’t save us now. If you do out live the economic turn, the only thing that will save you is *working* knowledge, and there are people doing it everywhere: community gardens, sustainable building, intentional communities, alternative schooling, and so on and so on. Suck it all in now, play with it as much as you can in the “calm before the storm,” because we did not have ancestors and parents to teach us the things we will need to know. WE WILL HAVE TO LEARN IT ALL OURSELVES.

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