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Occupation 101

Documentary Movie
88 minutes

part 1
8 minutes

The definition of an occupation is where a foreign army occupies your land physically and [totally] controls your life

Israel occupies Palestine
USA occupies Iraq
USA and Canada and other armies occupy Afghanistan

part 2
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part 3
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Root Cause of this Conflict

The Jews have always said that Arabs and Jews have been fighting for thousands of years and they will continue to fight. This is a MYTH, a Story. It is NOT TRUE.

Arab families have lived in Palestine for almost 2000 years. Ever since the Jews originally and willingly chose to abandon their land - called Judea at the time - when the Romans invaded in 70 CE (70 AD). Thus began the jewish wanderings - called the Diaspora.

For almost 200 years Arabs and Jews have lived in harmoney in the Middle East. In Europe the Jews were discriminated against.

In the late 19th centruy the Zionist Jews started thinking about the Jews going home to Palestine. So they started the idea that Palestine was empty, that noone lived there, that it was a free land for the Jews to settle in. This was NOT true.

At that time there was a thriving Arab community - over half a million Arabs lived in Palestine at the turn of the century (1900). Jews were encouraged to immigrate to Palestine.

The conflict between jews and arabs really began around 1922, and slowly grew as the jewish population grew. The Jews gradually took more and more control of the fertile land and the arab cities. The arabs were forced to move elsewhere. In 1948 the jews announced their independence.

8 minutes
part 4

1967 war. Intifada
The UN passes resolution ater resolution demanding the Jews stop the killing. But those resolutions were ignored. The USA blocked (and continues to block) every single resolution put forward by the UN demanding that the jews stop killing the arabs.

When Bill Clinton was President, the OSLO Accord was signed. BUT the situation did NOT improve.

part 5
8 minutes

Yasser Arafat. Leader of the PLO. The PLO were literally Israeli stooges. Their job was to stop the palestinian resistance.

The jewish settlers in the west bank have continued to attack (and still do attack) arab muslims, destroy their homes and farms. The settlers are never punished.

part 6
8 minutes

Comparison of Israel and the occupied territories with the Apartheid nation of South Africa and the Bantustans. The verdict is that the blacks of South Africa were better off. At least the whites in Johannesburg never bombed the blacks. The apartheid system was eventually destroyed in the early 1990s.

The USA is the ONLY country in the world who supports the Jewish state. That support is shown by annual monetary and military means. Without US support, Israel would NEVER be allowed to continue as they do. The USA directly enables Israel to be a Racist nation and to treat the Arabs as NON-HUMANS.

As stated above the USA has consistently VETOED every single UN resolution pertaining to Israel. BUT the USA have voted FOR every single resolution that demand that the palestinian arabs stop fighting. Often the USA demands stronger language against the arabs.

The reasons for this blind support of the USA for Israel are as follows.

1 - AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee - a powerful lobby rgoup
2 - The Fundamentalist Christian Community - the Christian Right
3 - Ongoing censorship of the US media

part 7
8 minutes

Everything that Israel does in the Occupied Territories, the US taxpayers are paying for.

Israel recieves as much aid as all the other countries combined in the world.

Israel is the most extensive violator of UN council resolutions in the world.

The USA has used its Veto power more than 40 times in the UN to DEFEND Israeli violations of International Law

The US Pentagon (military complex) sees Israel as a strategic ally. The strategy is to (eventually) control the oil for the USA. Most of the oil is currently controlled by middle east anti-christian and anti-jewish governments. (This alliance is another factor in the strength of the US - Israeli relationship)

In the new millenium another offer was made by the jews to the arabs. The palestinians could have 95% of the west bank. But the conditions were that the settlements stayed and the jews would still control the roads and the checkpoints. The arabs rejected this offer in September 2000 by setting off the second intifada.

In the American media the offer of 95% was mentioned, BUT NOT the conditions. So when the indifada (resistance against the occupation) broke out, the americans were led to assume that the arabs were just plain greedy and that they were demanding the entire 100% of the land. The American media NEVER mentioned the ongoing control and the checkpoints and the ongoing "prison conditions".

Rubber bullets are NOT made of just rubber. They are steel bullets with a rubber coating. They are just as deadly as an ordinary bullet.

part 8
8 minutes

Israel is the 5th (FIFTH) LARGEST NUCLEAR POWER in the world.

Israeli tanks - almost 4000
Palestinians tanks - NONE

Israeli F-16 planes (from USA) - 362
Palestinians planes - NONE

Israel has the 2nd (SECOND) largest F-16 fleet behind the USA.

From September 2000 to February 2007

Palestinins killed by Israelis - 4009
Israelis killed by Palestinians - 1021

The Israelis constantly claim that they do NOT target children.

From 2000 to 2007

816 Palestinian children have been killed.
ONLY 119 Israeli children have been killed.

The Palestinians do not have freedom of movement. That is a basic human right - to be free to move around.

No freedom to attend schools or university
no freedom to go to a hospital or clinic when you need medical care
no freedom to go shopping
no freedom to visit a friend

part 9
8 minutes

Palestinians in Gaza have been under Military Occupation now for over 38 years.

In 2005 the Israelis dismantled the settlements and relocated the 8000 jewish settlers elsewhere. They said they were "withdrawing" from Gaza. Israel did this ONLY in order to be seen to comply with International law - which says that settlements in an occupied country are illegal. The USA was asked by Israel to PAY for the relocation - some $2 billion extra - to give $227,000 for each settler.
8000 x $227,000 = $1,816,000,000 ($1.8 billion)

Israel did NOT give up the checkpoints and they still controlled the coast and the skies. The Palestinians were STILL in PRISON. They still had NO freedom of movement. Their babies still die at birth on the ground at the checkpoints.

Many Palestinians have known no other life other than prison, guerilla warfare and refugee camps. In 1948 there were 750,000 Palestinians. Today there are over 4 million in both Gaza and the West Bank.

part 10
8 minutes

House Demolitions in Gaza are a lot more extensive than in the West Bank. Most Americans do not know about or never read about Rachel Corrie. Her death was given very little mention in the US media.

Rachel Corrie, an American, was killed by an Israeli Army Caterpillar D9 bulldozer in the Gaza Strip on 16 March 2003. Her crime? She was protesting the demolition of a Palestinian house. The Israeli driver claims he did not see her. He just drove right over her and refused to stop.

"Rachel was alone in front of the house as we were trying to get them to stop," he said. "She waved for the bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled 'stop, stop,' and the bulldozer didn't stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed and ran back over her."
-from Ha'aretz

Rachel's skull and rib cage were totally crushed by the US made and Israeli manned bulldozer (which is a US taxpayer's gift to Israel). Rachel was 23 when she died.

Source and Pictures
Memorial Website

The apartheid wall is started in 2005. When it is completed, it will have stolen many hectares of palestinian land from the West Bank and will be given to jewish settlers. In order to get out of the enclosed arabs areas, you MUST pass through a checkpoint.

Most Israelis do not seem to understand that their regime of oppression is creating terrorism.

part 11
7.5 minutes
last part.

There were some IDF soldiers who signed a petition a few years ago to no longer serve in the Occupied Territories. Currently over 1600 Israeli soldiers are refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories. At least 323 have been imprisoned for their refusals. They are called Yesh Gvul.

There are also young high school students who are refusing to report for their compulsory military service. All jewish teenagers must serve in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) after they graduate from high school. The girls for 2 years and the boys for 3 years. These teengers (shministim) are being jailed by the Israeli government for their refusal to report for duty. Some of them have been jailed several times.
The Shministim - high school refuseniks.

There will be no security in Israel for as long as the Occupation continues.

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