Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bishop Williamson says that NO jews died in gas chambers

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"Anti-Semitism can only be bad if it is against the truth. But if something is true, it can't be bad. I am not interested in the word anti-Semitism"
Bishop Williamson.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has cut ties with the Vatican over the Pope’s decision to lift the excommunication of an English bishop who denies the full extent of the Holocaust.

In a measure of Jewish anger around the world at the reinstating of the four bishops of the Society of St Pius X, the Chief Rabbinate has written to the office of Pope Benedict XVI condemning Bishop Richard Williamson’s comments as outrageous. The letter was leaked to The Jerusalem Post. Jewish leaders in the UK have also protested at the lifting of the excommunications but others criticised the Chief Rabbinate’s decision, saying it could harm interfaith dialogue.

Bishop Williamson, who was educated at Winchester and Cambridge and converted to Catholicism as a young man, told Swedish television that no Jews died in gas chambers, and that up to 300,000 died in the Holocaust. Historians generally accept that six million Jews died.


I personally agree with every word the bishop said. BUT I think the number of jewish deaths may have been higher - anywhere from half a million to 1 million. I will say this though. If the Nazis had a policy of extermination and were killing the mothers, the babies and the young children - then something is wrong with the jewish history - because you just need to look at all the photos and see the HUGE number of children who survived. This alone has been my argument against the jewish holocaust happening exactly the way the jews claim it did.

Yes many Jews died, I am NOT denying that. BUT they died either of disease (typhus or dysentery) or they were shot. Like the Bishop says, I just dont think 6 million jews were gassed.

Now I will probably get some flack for this, but that's ok. I have had it before and I beat the jewish doctor who slammed me over another similar post. When he could NOT refute my arguments, he "ran away". He told me to not contact him anymore.

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