Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Landslide Win for Obama

According to MY local paper, Obama has ended up with almost 350 electoral votes. He only needed 270 to win. So he has been handed a DECISIVE vistory. The Republicans cannot steal it and the Electoral College CANNOT change their votes. Well, actually they can.

It turns out there is no federal law that requires an elector to vote according to their pledge (to their respective party). And so, more than a few electors have cast their votes without following the popular vote or their party. These electors are called "faithless electors."

In response to these faithless electors' actions, several states have created laws to enforce an elector's pledge to his or her party vote or the popular vote. Some states even go the extra step to assess a misdemeanor charge and a fine to such actions.

But not this year. NOT in 2008. This year the Electoral College MUST go with what the people voted. They have no choice. If they do vote for McCain - there will be riots in the streets.

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