Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grandma Raided Because She Paid Off Her Mortgage in Full

10 minutes
This is an audio recording of a house invasion on Missouri yesterday - May 13th,2009.

Dawn Welsh a 54 year grandmother is raided in her own home, for what...for owning her own home. If this sounds like something straight out of the Twilight Zone, well welcome to America in 2009. Listen as the fascist U.S. government steals an American grandmother's home and terrorizes her!!!!!

Dawn Welsh of Hillsboro, MO Arrested for Trespassing in Her Own Home After Supposed Mortgage Scam. Dawn Welsh knows her house was paid off. She received paperwork from the original mortgage company showing it was paid off. However through a fraudulent conversion of the mortgage, Wachovia Bank claimed authority of the mortgage and then claimed Welsh still owed on her home despite her having proof from the original bank that the note was paid in full.

Today, (May 13th) Hillsboro, Missouri police came onto her property and broke her door down to remove her from her property.

They used a battering ram to enter her home, despite her showing evidence that she owned the property. She had gone to court previously and showed a judge the mortgage was paid in full, and it is a record of the court.

However, these are desperate times for the fraudulent vampirian banksters and they will go after anyone they want, threatening innocent hard-working Americans at every turn. And to top it off the Hillsboro sheriff was an accomplice to this crime, executing the fraudulent crime and rubbing it in further by seizing all of the 54-year-old woman's possessions.

When these mortgages are sold from the original mortgagee to another bank, an illegal conversion takes place. No valid contract is ever initiated between the mortgage holder and this new entity. In fact many people wind up in court after they are told they owe more money on their homes after a series of mortgages being pushed back and forth through the mortgage process.

Wachovia Mortgage took over the mortgage and said they weren't going to honor the paperwork from the previous mortgagee and continued to harass this woman. So we have a woman with the proper papers showing her house is paid off with the police and the courts ignoring the paperwork

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