Monday, March 23, 2009

USA insults Canada

5 minutes

Could you even imagine a more annoying and ignorant group of AMERICAN people? These AMERICAN IGNORAMUSES sit around and disrespect Canada and its fallen soldiers while spewing a stream of stupid comments.

That is definitely one way to DESTROY the tourism industry in USA. Whatever there is of that pathetic industry that might still be left.

This Canadian resident will NEVER visit USA again. I encourage ALL NON-AMERICANS to STAY AWAY from the USA.

For the record - I sincerely hope that Canada quits Afghanistan totally in 2011. It was NEVER Canada's war!!!! The Afghanistan and Iraqi wars were both STARTED BY USA - Based on a pack of LIES!!!!

USA can bloody well take responsibility for the mess the world is in.
USA can STOP the wars THEY STARTED!!!!
USA can GROW UP and take responsibility for its OWN ACTIONS.

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